Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tale Of The Scale Oct 31, 2012

I weighed into today 255.0 which is exactly the same as last week.  Good that I didn't gain, still I was hoping for a loss of some sort.  The thing is, I tracked what I ate, sort of, I exercised, sort of, and drank lots of liquids, well sort of.

"Half measures availed us nothing, it wasn't until we embraced the whole program with all it's implications did we begin to recover."  Something I read a long time ago.  So even though I did what  was supposed to be done, nothing was 100%. Yes I tracked my food (writing it down) however, I didn't measure or weigh anything so what I was doing, was either  eyeballing or estimating my foods.  Exercise was done but only on two days, one was legitimate.  Walking for 30 minutes, and the other was working in the backyard taking down a group of antennas in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.  So I didn't exactly exercise everyday.  Now in my defense, the exercise part is hard to be motivated when you are awake half the night in pain (Nov 8 appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon). Finally the water part. Yes I drink liquids, fat free milk, some water, but mostly I drink diet soda.  I have read all the arguments about it and I will say that although I have cut back I still consume way to much.

Alright enough of the self-flagellation.  This week we discussed the benefits of taking a daily assessment of where we are in our program for this day.  Good stuff, it's stuff I've used in the past, in part dealing other personal issues and some of is new.  Take five minutes and...
  • Review what I did
  • Review what I missed
  • Review what I could have done differently
  • Review long term and short term goals
  • Remember tomorrow is a new day

Let you know how its going meanwhile take a few minutes and pray for the folks recovering Sandy

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Forty Pounds

To begin again is always a problem, those voices that keep telling me not to bother since you started this once before and don't you know you're going to fail again.  So S H U T  U P little voices in my head.

Since April I have lost forty pounds, dropped two sizes, and lowered my medications so why am I in so much pain?  My right knee is killing me and my left leg is in so much pain that it wakes me up in the middle of the night.  At first I thought it might have something to to the cooler temperatures as fall sets in.  Then why does it throb so much during the day when its warm?  Dunno, I do have an appointment set up with an Orthopedic surgeon so I will have to wait to get the results what ever test get prescribed for my issue.

Still with the goal in the distant future I am going to continue to ignore those voices. And then maybe in about a year I will get to goal.

  • Normal blood pressure 
  • Off diabetes medications
  • Weight somewhere around 160 lbs (72.5kg)
See you next time.