Monday, August 6, 2012

Just like NASA I'm back.  Well, I never actually let in any real sense, I merely took a break from blogging. I am also again active with Weight Watchers (WW), the highly successful weight loss program for so many people, me included, as long as I follow the program they outline.

I hope to update this on a daily basis with the purpose of keeping myself on track in two areas of my life.   The first is to keep a dairy of my successes and failures in my weight loss journey.  The other is to keep me motivated to write about anything so long as I write.   You see I want to be a writer,  I also want to be a writer without writing, and so since writers write, I need to write otherwise I am another wannabe person.

I returned to WW around 10 weeks ago and since then I have lost 29 pounds without a great amount of effort.  Although that is not an accurate statement, since I have been having bowel issues.  My issue is I am either impacted or experiencing pain.  Is that because of the diet, I don't know at this point.  I have seen my Dr. about this and he seems to be withholding judgement at this point.

What I have read on this so far is that since I am eating a lot of fruit now, a good thing, I am not drinking as much water as I need to consume, not a good thing.  It can have the reverse effect of what the desired result is, namely, more frequent and better bowel movements, and that it can cause constipation.  Anyway I am not giving up, I have too much to lose.

My ultimate goal isn't to so much to get a specific weight range as I want to get off of medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol within two years.  Why?  Well the obvious reason is health, but the other not so obvious one, is money.  I turn 65 on two years and in the United States that means medicare and all of its related costs.  I just as soon not have those costs then, I would much rather use that money for anything other that healthcare.

My First Lesson:
Now, this whole idea of writing isn't new to me.  I first got the bug to write when I was hired to be a copywriter for a catalog company.  Ironically I didn't know what a copy writer did.  I thought it meant I was going to get copyrights done for the products the company carried as well as do the technical support that an IT person would do.  So lesson number one, know the language you are going to work in.

That means before you answer an advertisement for employment, know what the description means.  In my case, the difference between COPYWRITER: one who writes or edits copy or written content for a living, usually of sales generating or marketing nature and COPY-RIGHTER: One prepares documentation for the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or... bla bla bla.

Ring, ring a slight interruption... back from the phone.

It was enough though for me to realize how much I enjoy the written word, not so much as a consumer but as a creator.

Lesson Two:
It is not enough to have the desire, I need to improve the skill set required to get my thoughts to paper or as in this case the digital environment.  The first skill is to write.  That sums that lesson up pretty obviously.

OK that's it for today, now I just have to do steady stream of thought to fill up the last of word requirement for this page. It doesn't seem like a lot to write until you realize you have nothing to say.  I am having keyboard issues.  Don't know if it is me or the keyboard.

Ring, ring a slight interruption... back from the phone, again.

Ring, ring a slight interruption... back from the phone, again.

I know I am not the best typist in the work, but I using a laptop and I am not used to the hand placement/touch-pad.  I seem to be brushing it just enough to cause the mouse to jump.  Eureka I discover that I can turn off the touch pad while I am typing and that seems to be helping greatly.  At least now I can tell whats me and what is the machine.   That boys and girls is progress.

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