Monday, November 19, 2012

MRIs and Why I Go Home Screaming

There are a lot of reasons to hate having an MRI.  These are a few of my least favorite ones.

First of all its cold. Oh I know that they try and keep the room at a comfortable temperature, but the fact still remains that once you take off you clothing, it's not a day at the beach with the sun warming you up.  And so my little body gets chilled.

I weigh 254 pounds give or take a few ounces and so pushing me into a tube designed for someone half my weight is no easy task. The expression about there not being enough room to change your mind was probably inspired by an MRI chamber.

OK, so now they squeeze me in and the first thing that I notice is I can't scratch my nose.  Even if  I was allowed to move about inside, remember there isn't enough room to change your mind much less move an arm from wherever you manage to place it in the beginning to be able to scratch the inevitable itch.

Noisy is hardly the word for it, clang clang clang goes the machine, I know it's made louder because of the acoustics of narrow tube.  The earplugs help a bit, but that noise interferes with...

Sleep time.  Now my first thought, was maybe if I go to sleep the time will pass by quickly.  Nice thought and it would have except that every once in a while they have to move the platform you are on in and out of the tube just enough to wake the sleeping baby resting finally in the womb.

...and so after surviving the itch, then being woke from my nap the worst part begins.

Claustrophobia, yes located  mere inches away from my face is the tube I am in.  I am sure it is nowhere near as close as my mind makes it to be.  Doesn't matter though, the brain is already running at full speed reminding me that after all of this, it takes too damn long for the results.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tale of the Scale November 7, 2012 - More or Less

Time to celebrate, I lost weight this week.

Even better news was while I was at the Dr.s office they had me put on one of those gowns and for the first time for as long as I can remember I was able to tie it up.  Even better was the fact I was able to do it without assistance   Last time I put one of those on they had to put two of them on me to keep from exposing my beautiful tush.

No on to the Dr.s visit.  The not not so good news I have severe arthritis in my right knee.  The x-rays reveled that I have bone on bone.  Doc explained it to me that whenever I get tired of the pain we can talk about doing a knee replacement.  And so I am going to have a MRI Thursday the 16th.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to spend 45 minutes in a narrow tube listening to it clang, yes I have one before.  For the life of me I can't remember what mental exercise I did to get through it other that focusing on my breath.

Oh before I forget, I lost 2.8 pounds  (1.27 kg) bringing the total loss to 44 pounds (19.96 kg).  Making me a happy camper.