Sunday, August 4, 2013


230.8 pounds and still at it, down 65.4 pounds from the start a little over a year ago and yet I am feeling a little overcome.  You see I hit a plateau around five weeks ago and I can't quite seem to snap out of it not matter how much or how little I exercise, drink water, practice portion control or limit the total amounts of food consumed daily.

On the positive side I am wearing XL instead of XXL or even  XXXL sized clothing, so I suppose I am making progress, and in the right direction. Yes I get compliments, like Ralph you lost a person, you look great, and on and on.  It's not that I am not grateful that people notice, however it would seem that those old tapes are playing in my head again: "You not not very...", "You know you are going to fail ...again.", "You over ate again, your a failure."

Don't know if you are person like me, but I for one, am really tired of it.  So go away noises in my head, go pick on someone else, no don't do to someone else like you do to me.

Now I didn't get this way over night so why would I expect to be slim guy over night.  The funny part I may never be slim guy, but certainly I will be a lot slimmer guy than I was.

Oh, I forgot to mention, a little over a month ago I heard my Dr. say words I never ever thought I would ever hear, "You know Ralph I think for now we can stop all of your Diabetes, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Medications and see how it goes, since you are doing all of the right things, eating the right things and exercising regularly."

So is there a connection between the medications and the plateau, I am hoping that there is.  So until then, go away noise(s) in my head.

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